Selector advertising and product page material specifications

Email newsletter display


650 × 80 px (newsletter leaderboard)

JPG, PNG, and animated GIF (Flash is not accepted).
If using animated GIF, please ensure your offer and call to action is in the first frame, as Microsoft Outlook will not play the animation beyond this point. Other email clients will play your animation as normal.

Email newsletter advertorial features

Horizontal and vertical advertorial features are submitted via online forms that provide full details about what to upload.


JPG or PNG to suit 210 x 150 px image
Headline and 160-180 characters of copy (approx. 20-30 words).


JPG or PNG to suit 198 x 132 px image
Headline and 70-90 characters of copy (approx. 10-15 words). 

Product and supplier pages

Submission of product and supplier listings is via our online forms that provide full details about what to upload.

The lists below will help you prepare your material.

Supplier page

  • Business name and contact details
  • Short company description (up to 250 characters, approx. 20-30 words)
  • Full company description (up to 500 characters, approx. 45-65 words)
  • Brief overview of product types and services
  • Your logo
  • Addresses of your head office and (optional) regional offices
  • Link to your website
  • Link to a YouTube video (optional)

Product pages

  • Product name (up to 64 characters, approx 5-8 words)
  • Product description of key features and benefits (between 80 and 140 words)
  • Ideally up to 5 images in JPG or PNG format, 1200 (w) × 800 (h) px or larger
  • Ideally up to 5 PDF documents such as brochures and data sheets
  • Link to a page on your website (optional)
  • Link to a YouTube video for embedding (optional)


Videos (optional) can be next to your supplier listing and on product pages.

The best way to take advantage of this feature is to upload your video to YouTube, then supply us with the video URL for embedding.

Material submission

Material is submitted via a set of upload forms.

If you misplace the link to your submission form, please contact your sales representative at Architecture Media, or email our Online Marketing Services Manager, Igor Bissikalo, at