About us

What is it

Selector is a powerful online product information network – a unique resource for specifiers and other building industry decision makers. It’s the easy way to find products from leading manufacturers and suppliers, and it includes products showcased in the very best design publications, including Houses, Kitchens+Bathrooms, Architecture Australia, Artichoke, Landscape Architecture Australia and Architectural Product News.

Why use it

  • It's focused.
  • It's the easy way to search and find products and suppliers.
  • It's easy to enquire or click through for more information direct from the supplier.

Who uses it

It’s used by architects, interior architects and designers, landscape architects and designers, developers, building designers, architecture graduates, draftspersons, project managers and builders, and their clients. Those who make decisions about what to specify.

How to use it

It’s simple using a dynamic search. Just enter a keyword, product description, product name, supplier, brand or designer, with the option to refine by keyword, sustainability, supplier, brand or designer. View each product item, browse the images, download documents, check the sustainability attributes, see further products, find the nearest showroom or distributor, link to the supplier’s website to explore further, or enquire for more information directly from the supplier.


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Corporate profile

Selector is published in Australia by Architecture Media and is endorsed by the Australian Institute of Architects.