World’s first modular fireplace by Skatherm now at Oblica

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6 May 2015
World’s first modular fireplace by Skatherm now at Oblica
Elements modular fireplace in corner configuration.

Germany’s Skantherm is well known for its permanent position at the forefront of fireplace technology. It’s no surprise, then, that they are behind the revolutionary ELEMENTS – a design that we are happy to announce is now available in Australia.

This fantastic fireplace and modular system accommodates a wide range of spaces. It can adapt to fit your space, your lifestyle and your aesthetic preferences.

Its elements (hence the name) can be arranged in a number of combinations, creating a unique feature piece for your interior. Add or subtract, use shelving, storage units and/or technical boxes to house wood or other decorative items, or create cozy bench seating by adding optional luxurious leather upholstered cushions. The possibilities are truly endless.

This unique and groundbreaking piece of design, the brainchild of the acclaimed Prof. Wulf Schneider and Partner, is the recipient of numerous design honours including the illustrious Red Dot Award. Australian tests have also revealed that ELEMENTS is one of the most efficient fireplaces on the market and, with a heat output of 5kW, it is able to heat most rooms.

Elements is available from Oblica from May 16th and will be unveiled at DEN Furniture Design Fair in Melbourne (May 14th-16th).


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