Winter and spring flowering in a great groundcover

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7 November 2011
Winter and spring flowering in a great groundcover
CHERRY CLUSTER™ Grevillea rhyolitica x juniperina ‘TWD01’ PBR.

Cherry Cluster is a tough groundcover plant with masses of beautiful cherry flowers in spring and winter. This is perfect to brighten up any landscape or garden in the winter time, especially since it is tough enough for mass planting.

Cherry Cluster is a cross between Grevillea rhyolitica and G. juniperina. It gets its toughness from G. juniperina with its broader leaf form from G. rhyolitica. Cherry Cluster has very clean and tidy foliage that isn’t spiky like juniperina types.

Cherry Cluster is drought and frost tolerant down to -5°C and is best suited to Sydney and further south down to Tasmania, and all the way across to Perth. It grows 50 cm H x 1.2 m W and is best in full sun to shade. For more photos and information on Cherry Cluster visit our website or watch the new video below.


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