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31 July 2014
Whittle Waxes OBJECT-OIL
Whittle Waxes OBJECT-OIL

Whittle Waxes OBJECT-OIL

This versatile coating that can be used as a finish, as well as maintenance of existing interior waxed surfaces. Also ideal for OBS boards and exotic Timber. Object Oil is a non-toxic, highly reparable interior timber coating suitable for use on any interior timber surface, especially timber floors. The ease of application and maintenance makes this an ideal coating for a wide range of uses and applications.

Object Oil is especially valuable on commercial and high-traffic timber floors because of its reparability. The floor can easily be re-buffed after heavy use to rejuvenate it, which means that it potentially could last indefinitely. The ease of application also lends it well to the do-it-yourself market.

Areas of use

For all interior surfaces, especially heavily used floors, as well as interior fittings, paneling and cabinetry.


During preparation ensure the surface is clean and dust free. Working in areas of approximately 40m², apply Object Oil to the prepared surface with a microfiber roller or Whittle Waxes' brush, leave for up to 30 minutes. At this stage any excess will need to be scraped up with a rubber squeegee and then the floor buffed with a polishing machine. It is important that no wet areas are left, particularly around the perimeter of the floor.

The floor is then left to cure overnight. The surface can be used but must be kept dry for approximately seven days. Although not recommended, a second coat may benefit softer more porous timber, which would be applied sparingly the next day.

The benefits are that there are no applicator marks left in the finished coating and no contaminants in the coating. There is also potential for application as a one-coat system.


Approximately 100 m¹/m²/coat depending on the timber species, composition and grain structure. Timber laminate (engineered flooring) at least 1½ times the quantity, depending on the wood type.

Whittle Waxes

Whittle Waxes is among the first Australian companies dedicated to promoting premium natural oils and waxes for the protection and enhancement of all timber surfaces. We are committed to providing the best timber care and protection.

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