What is so good about our aluminium housing?

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8 September 2011
What is so good about our aluminium housing?

From kitchen cupboards to billiard room lighting LED strips have now become a versatile and widely used product. However, LED strips without covering can look unpleasant or ‘bare’. M-Elec has produced a functional and innovative aluminium LED housing that is used in many different industries and locations all across Australia.

With simple and smooth 90° bends the aluminium creates a contemporary and stylish feel. The ALU2 is finished in a high quality and seamless anodized texture making the product easy to clean and smooth to touch.

The ALU2 is a very versatile product and can be easily installed surface mounted or recessed. There is a simple three (3) step process for surface mounting installation.

Step 1: Measure and cut
Step 2: Install aluminium using suitable fixings
Step 3: Install strip, diffuser and end caps

Due to the ALU2 being 12mm high it is also suitable for flush installation on ceilings if installed previous to the plasterboard.

Like all M-Elec’s products, the ALU2 is built to last. Being a high quality aluminium and anodized finish the profile is made to withstand the harsh Australian environment. Whether rain, hail, beachside locations or full sun, the ALU2 will protect your LED strip from corrosion, damage and vandalism.

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