Wet’N'Wild Sydney given direction by custom signs

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5 March 2014
Wet’N'Wild Sydney given direction by custom signs
Wet’N'Wild Sydney given direction by custom signs.

The much anticipated Wet'N'Wild water park was made complete by a unique array of custom signage developed by Kennovations that incorporates its main waterslide theme into the concept and finish.

Upon entering the water park that comprises of forty slides and attractions, a prominent sign approximately 7.5 metres stands at the main entrance. Previous to its construction and installation, at least twenty five variations in design with contrasting colours and patterns were conceptualized.

The final design, a bright yellow and aqua blue slippery dip mounted to a steel pole, made for a colourful and playful directional sign that would welcome visitors to the park. The well-known Wet’N’Wild logo is the centerpiece of the attractive design and shows its position that is visible from a long distance.

Materials for the sign include structural steel and playground slide components that were designed by Kennovations and/or sourced through key suppliers. The manufacturing process included fabrication, painting and assembly to ensure the sign would meet the visual requirements but also be durable and structurally sound.

In addition to the main entrance sign, seven directional signs were also produced for placement around the water park. The signs, made up of similar structural materials as well as air ducting pipe for cosmetic purposes, provide a quick reference for information. Ride names and safe use guide such as height restrictions are presented in an informative but fun way to match the theme of Wet’N’Wild.

Wet’N’Wild opened its doors on December 12 and has attracted thousands of visitors already.

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