Wet'N'Wild retail carts designed and engineered for success

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5 March 2014
Wet'N'Wild retail carts designed and engineered for success
Wet'N'Wild retail carts designed and engineered for success.

Kennovations have successfully completed the custom design and construct of a food, beverage and retail cart fleet that were recently launched at Wet’N’Wild Sydney in December, 2013.

This summer saw the custom design and construction of several carts that were designed by Kennovations to deliver a more convenient retail solution for the water park. Three tow vehicles for cold drinks and coffee make up the fleet, as well as four trailers that serve a range of food and retail goods. These "mobile stores" are stationed throughout the park, thus reducing traffic and queuing around its main retail stores.

Village Roadshow commissioned Kennovations in May, 2013, with planning and concept development soon following. The Kennovations team undertook the challenge of managing the project end-to-end, developing a finished product that would meet durability, feasibility and aesthetic requirements.

Each trailer is based on a golf cart chassis that includes full suspension, front wheel steering and rear wheel brakes. The main body of the trailer consists of a fully welded stainless steel tubular frame with gas strut assisted hinged side hatches.

The rear section of the cart is significantly customised using the same materials and production techniques as the trailers. A custom chrome wheel and white-wall tyre combination was selected for the whole fleet, and flared arches were fitted to further enhance the ‘woody surf wagon’ aesthetic. Genuine bamboo veneered Malibu surfboards were also mounted to the roofs of all vehicles and trailers to act as signage and complete the look.

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