WearMax clear anti slip coating at world heritage listed museum

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1 November 2010
WearMax clear anti slip coating at world heritage listed museum
The new Convict Sydney exhibition at the Hyde Park Barracks.

This Sydney based and, recently, UNESCO world heritage listed museum's management required a protective anti slip solution inside the exhibition area in the new Convict Sydney exhibition wooden floor where an old Sydney map was drawn.

The World Heritage listing of Hyde Park Barracks confirms its global significance. As the settlement’s first substantial convict establishment, built in 1819 to secure the colony’s future, the Barracks stood at the centre of the world’s largest, longest and diverse system of transported convict labour. It alone saw at least 50,000 convicts pass through its gates before 1848. Ideas expressed in the building’s architecture and evolving attitudes towards the treatment of its occupants drove colonial ambitions and transformed the modern world. The building’s high quality construction, location and capacity for reuse helped it survive. It’s now a contemporary museum, telling its own story.

Management has contacted Global Safe NSW to assist them with a solution which can be used in such a valuable and important situation. The company has proposed to use the WearMax clear anti slip coating system which is waterborne and provides excellent sustainable slip resistance. Global Safe NSW is a manufacturer accredited applicator of the WearMax product.

After evaluation of various options management has decided to go ahead with the proposal. The work now has completed and building management is very satisfied with the results. The drawing is fully protected and can be viewed by visitors and at the same time the surface slip resistance ensures the safety of patrons and employees. The newly created anti slip floor cleaning is not an issue and visitors have commented on the unique and excellent solution.

Please note that the product is also used on hard mineral surfaces, including ceramic and porcelain tiles, marble, terrazzo, granite, travertine and other stones in various countries with great success.

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