WE-EF success at Focus Open 2015

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10 November 2015
WE-EF success at Focus Open 2015
CFT500 LED post top luminaire awarded "Focus Silver".

CFT500 LED post top luminaire awarded "Focus Silver".

The sophisticated product concept for WE-EF’s CFT500 outdoor luminaire series has received the "Focus Silver" in the lighting category for extraordinary design performance. "This post top luminaire uses classic shapes, but manages to do so in a contemporary, minimalist way. Instead of grabbing the spotlight, this luminaire clearly takes a step back and makes a practical and timeless statement," according to the expert panel of judges for the Baden-Württemberg International Design Award.

For years the Baden-Württemberg International Design Award, presented by the Baden-Württemberg Design Center, has been an established part of the competitive landscape, both in Germany and abroad. Under the "Focus Open" label, it garners the respect of companies and design agencies. Its non-commercial focus is perfectly aligned with its mission statement and allows even the smallest of companies to take part.

Manufacturers and design agencies from all over the world submit their most innovative product and concept solutions each year. This year the panel had to assess more than 200 submissions in various categories. A special aspect of Focus Open is that before judging commences, submissions are not shortlisted; instead, each product is personally evaluated by the panel.

With its straightforward design, the CFT500 fits in well in various environments. Whether in a modern architectural context or in a historical cityscape, the luminaires offer a wide range of options for efficient and appealing lighting for urban spaces. The CFT500 series incorporates the WE-EF OLC® One LED Concept lens technology with the multi-layer principle. Every single LED illuminates the entire area of illumination. The cumulative effect of all layers working together results in even lighting, creating homogeneous light distribution coupled with a high level of visual comfort.

The efficiency of these luminaires is further enhanced with WE-EF's RFC® Reflection Free Contour technology. A conventional flat luminaire cover is replaced by a clear, UV-stabilised acrylic panel with a contoured surface that matches the shape of the lenses. As a result, the proportion of internal reflection is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Together with the technological advantages, the use of LEDs also offers a completely new perspective in terms of luminaire design. "LED technology opens up fresh scope for new design vocabularies," asserts Petra Denst, Head of Product Design at WE-EF. For example, the ring-shaped luminaire body of the new CFT500 has led to the development of new, arc-shaped LED boards, opening up additional design possibilities – especially in terms of future product developments.

"Effectively-cooled LED modules, lenses that are adapted to suit point light sources and the use of intelligent control gear are all indispensable prerequisites for really making the most of the benefits that LEDs offer compared with conventional light sources," emphasises WE-EF Managing Director Stephan Fritzsche.

The presentation for Focus Open 2015 will take place on 16 October this year in Scala, Ludwigsburg, Germany. All winning products will be showcased at the MIK (Museum – Information – Art) building in Ludwigsburg until 22 November 2015.


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