WE-EF is expanding creative lighting possibilities

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21 November 2014
WE-EF is expanding creative lighting possibilities
WE-EF inground LED luminaires with IO-20 LED wallwash lenses, WE-EF.

A core competency of WE-EF is the development of high-quality and efficient reflector and lens technologies, called the IOS® Innovative Optical System.

The latest addition to the WE-EF optical accessories toolkit is an IO-20 wallwash lens, specifically developed for WE-EF [M] symmetric medium beam LED optics to refine precision lighting tasks even further.

The hallmarks of the new optical accessory are outstanding uniformity and broad corner-to-corner lighting coverage, evident both in lighting design software simulations and real-life installations.

The new IO-20 LED wallwash lens is available with WE-EF ETC300 LED inground luminaires, architectural DOC200 LED downlights and versatile FLC/FLD100 series LED projectors. Luminaires fitted with this accessory are typically positioned at 0.125 x h (height of the wall/target surface) away from the target surface and spaced up to 1.75 x d (distance from the wall/target surface) apart.

The IO-20 LED wallwash lens is factory-installed within the luminaire. The factory-sealed qualities and advantages of the luminaire remain therefore fully maintained.

More information: www.weef.de/australia-newsealand/en/news/&id=176.


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