WE-EF DOC220 exterior downlights with 12-LED and Fortimo-LED

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20 July 2012
WE-EF DOC220 exterior downlights with 12-LED and Fortimo-LED
WE-EF DOC220 exterior downlights with 12-LED and Fortimo-LED.

WE-EF continues to expand its luminaire range for architectural lighting with innovative LED solutions.

Recessed luminaires are the lighting instruments of choice wherever lighting effects are at the forefront and luminaires are subordinate to the architecture. With the proven DOC200 recessed exterior downlights, WE-EF now offers a product series with high efficient LEDs for architecturally-integrated lighting projects.

Utmost precision in reflector and lens technology, particularly for use with LEDs, plays a central role in this regard – whether it concerns the lighting of entrance areas and foyers, accenting columns and arches, wallwashes or highlights.

WE-EF addressed the precision issue by developing highly efficient and LED-optimised optical components, proven with its advanced range of LED luminaires for street and area lighting, and now available for architectural lighting applications.

Similar to their lamp-equipped counterparts, the new DOC220 LED recessed downlights feature a diameter of 155 mm, but are offered in two versions:

  • A reflector based Fortimo-LED version for very wide beam with ‘dark light’ characteristics
  • A high efficiency lens version available in lens based five different colours (4000K white, 3000K white, red, blue and green) as well as four beam distributions: symmetric wide and medium beam or symmetric very narrow beam and very narrow beam (sharp cut-off).

State-of-the-art architectural lighting.

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