WE-EF CONTROL – switch, dim and optimize outdoor lighting

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5 February 2014
WE-EF CONTROL – switch, dim and optimize outdoor lighting.

In contrast to conventional discharge lamps, LEDs provide instant light after activation. Moreover, LEDs can be easily controlled to suit the varying requirements of an outdoor lighting application. The power consumption can be optimized to consume what is required for compliance and no more! Low traffic spaces can operate in dimmed mode and only switch to full power when movement is detected. Thinking about a retrofit application? With WE-EF CONTROL we can not only save energy but most importantly optimise at the design stage to ensure that the maximum savings are made. WE-EF CONTROL is an umbrella name for a range of techniques that can be simple and low cost or sophisticated and capable of operating a citywide lighting system. The four variants are Motion, Basic, Advanced and Dynamic.

WE-EF supplies all the components that are required to implement the various control options. Interested but don't have the budget? Careful planning at the beginning can put in place a lighting system ready for conversion at a later stage. Our LED street and area lighting products combined with WE-EF CONTROL have the capacity to cut substantially the owning and operating costs as well as to reduce the lifetime environmental cost.


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