Water bottle refill station – no power required

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9 June 2014
Water bottle refill station – no power required
AquaGo (ELKAY USA) EMASM Surface Mount Water Bottle Refill Station.

Elkay USA, have now released the Elkay EZH2O Surface Mount Refill Station that does not require power for operation.

This is an innovative new product and can be mounted anywhere a potable water supply is available.

Its push button operation is simple to use, fresh filtered or non-filtered water on tap, 24/7. Finished in Stainless Steel, its sleek style & design is pleasing to any decor.

Great for those fitness & sport grounds, school indoor hallways, reception & waiting areas.

SPECIFY AS: AquaGo (ELKAY USA) EZH2O Surface Mounted Water Bottle Refill Station, Stainless Steel, Manual Operation, With or Without In Line Water Purifier.

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AquaGo is a family business, involved in importing a range of quality products from Halsey Taylor USA. These water dispensing products, are selected by architects, designers, merchants, schools, to enhance the availability of fresh, filtered water.

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