Waste-Mate kitchen chute material update

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3 October 2014

The Huaer Wantong Industrial Co. Ltd is the manufacturer of metal stamping, molding, and surface treatment manufacturing for furniture accessories, automobile parts, household appliances, other hardware products, and the Waste-Mate kitchen chute system.

As the manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce in high volume we are now able to offer the Waste-Mate kitchen chute system in powder-coated zinc anneal which enables the product to be used in both residential and commercial developments, as fire-rating standards can be met.

The high quality stainless steel face and ram system enable a sleek and efficient energy saving way of managing house-hold waste, by integrating the system into your build it offers OH&S benefits, ergonomic benefits, clean air, no odours, as the air-ventury system keeps the bin cool and the door closes firmly. The brush seal with access panel sits snugly on the bin edge so that no vermin can enter.

The standard colour is currently a neutral beige and custom colours are available on request.

Waste-Mate (Aust) Pty Ltd

Waste-Mate (Aust) Pty Ltd was developed by Tony Axisa, an Australian who has successfully invented and patented the Waste Mate kitchen chute and recycling system.

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