Viridian launches the Glass 'Bible'

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12 January 2011
Viridian launches the Glass 'Bible'

Australia’s largest glass manufacturer, Viridian, launches the much anticipated 2011 Viridian Architectural Glass Guide, a 128 page resource considered to be one of the most referenced tools for industry professionals using or designing with glass.

Last compiled in 2007, the updated 2011 Viridian Architectural Glass Guide details hundreds of combinations of glass types which are categorized by their primary application to make it easy to find and compare the right glass products.

Many of the key decisions that need to be considered in the selection of glass in facades, interiors and glazing systems are listed in the Guide. For example, solar and thermal performance will often be a high priority decision along with appearance (colour, transparency and reflectivity) and the Guide clearly outlines product solutions to meet these needs. It also explains additional attributes such as security, fire protection, decoration, noise control and self-cleaning glass options.

Establishing how glass behaves in the case of accidental or intentional breakage is also important and the Guide draws attention to the strength recommendations of glass in loading and glazing codes, offering safe and high-strength glass solutions that are fit for purpose.

“There have been significant developments in the glass industry over the past couple of years and the 2010 Viridian Architectural Glass Guide 2011 will offer the latest in innovative products on the market and important advice to meet the newest industry codes,” said Wade Bosse, Viridian Glass Commercial Channel Manager.

“This is an invaluable resource for the industry that will help to simplify decision making and also inspire creative glass choices with many professionals being introduced for the first time to the greater number of glass options on the market.”

The Viridian Architectural Glass Guide is now available to download online at, at reputable fabricators or can be directly requested from Viridian by calling 1800 810 403.

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