Viridian ComfortPlus™ Translucent – a solution to privacy issues

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3 April 2012
Viridian ComfortPlus™ Translucent – a solution to privacy issues
Viridian ComfortPlus™ Translucent – a solution to privacy issues in homes

Privacy has always been a concern for homeowners. A neighbour’s window or raised open space such as a balcony can provide a direct line of sight into the home or private open space of an adjoining neighbour.

Windows present the biggest dilemma in home design when it comes to balancing the need for privacy, with the desire for access to natural light for spacious and fresh looking living areas.

Coupled with the trend towards greater urban density and infill housing developments, homeowners now more than ever are looking to building product companies to address this growing concern.

Viridian, the glass manufacturing business of CSR Limited, has the answer with the addition of Viridian ComfortPlus ™ Translucent – a glass that allows natural light to enter a building and provides privacy at the same time.

Viridian ComfortPlus Translucent is an addition to the successful Viridian ComfortPlus energy efficient range of single glazed low E products offering enhanced energy efficiency performance when compared to ordinary glass.

ComfortPlus ™ Translucent is made by bonding two sheets of glass together with a translucent interlayer to make a Grade A safety glass. Viridian ComfortPlus also has a microscopically thin, yet durable low e coating, that helps to control the flow of heat into and out of windows to make a home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Unlike traditional etched frosted glass it is less prone to finger printing because the translucent interlayer is sandwiched between the two pieces of glass. Being a laminated glass, ComfortPlus Translucent also blocks 99% percent of damaging UV light and is designed to hold the glass together upon impact.

Having an energy efficient home is more important now than ever, as architects and builders work to meet higher energy efficiency regulations with the Building Code of Australia.

Gary Wright, owner of Right Homes, 2010 winners of the HIA WA GreenSmart Home of the Year and HIA National GreenSmart Project Home of the Year, welcomes the introduction of Viridian ComfortPlus Translucent.

“As we require visual privacy in many parts of a home, particularly in living areas, we require a translucent glass that complements our energy efficient focus and Viridian ComfortPlus Translucent is an excellent choice,” said Gary. “I’m sure the product will be received extremely well by customers who value their privacy, but don’t want to compromise the energy efficiency performance of their home.”

“The addition of Viridian ComfortPlus Translucent to our range provides an excellent choice to naturally light a home, whilst not having to compromise privacy or energy efficiency,” said Viridian Residential Marketing Manager Justin Jays.

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