Velvet range of Kangaroo Paws

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10 April 2013
Velvet range of Kangaroo Paws

Kangaroo Paws would have to be one of the most iconic Australian native plants with their unique flowers, beautiful colours and growth forms. The popularity of Kangaroo Paws is not only in Australia but internationally, being cultivated in many countries around the world.

Ozbreed’s Velvet Range of Kangaroo Paws has become very popular in the landscape market due to their midsized forms which typically grow to approximately 1 m tall when they are in flower. The Velvet Range varieties have been bred specifically for landscape use in mind to produce strong growing plants with better disease resistance from Black Spot, the plague of the other Kangaroo Paw, cleaner foliage and magnificent flowers that are bold, substantial, prolific and flower much of the year.

The Velvet Range Kangaroo Paws are hybrids using the tough, long lived Anigozanthos flavidus species, unlike most other bred varieties that are influenced more heavily by the annual smaller, short lived varieties that are bred for pot culture. The Velvet Range of Kangaroo Paws are known for their longevity and increased toughness in the landscape. The midsized growth habit makes these varieties ideal for the landscape as they are not too small that they get out-competed or too tall that they get scrappy and untidy in appearance.

The Velvet Kangaroo Paws are incredibly drought tough and humidity tolerant, once they are established, they can handle far more frosts than common Kangaroo Paw. The key to maintaining the performance, health and vigour of your Kangaroo Paw is to prune them every 1-2 years. The best time to cut the plants back is at the end of summer when the plants are looking tired or late winter coming into spring. Remove older flower stems and cut back foliage.

Ozbreeds Velvet Range of Kangaroo Paw are available at all good Garden Centres, Bunnings and Garden Express.


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