Vancouver International Airport's walking path rejuvenated

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13 May 2015
Vancouver International Airport's walking path rejuvenated

Twenty years ago, Vancouver Airport Authority founded Vantage to take the management principles and best practices honed at YVR to airports around the world. Vantage continues to work with the award-winning Vancouver International Airport to adapt and implement best airport practices that consider local customs and culture, resulting in airports that are financially stronger, more sustainable and better economic generators for the communities and businesses they serve.

YVR management identified one of the main concrete walking paths as a potential risk of slipping and also in need of rejuvenating the existing surface. They contacted Anti-Slip Anywhere (North America), for expert advice and a solution proposal to prevent risk of slip and falls and also to provide an upgraded, sustainable re-surfacing option.

Anti-Slip Anywhere (North America) proposed using an environmentally friendly highly slip resistive and attractive anti-slip coating, the Floor Tuff Ultimate to rejuvenate the surfaces after existing floor was adequately prepared.

The Floor Tuff Ultimate is an outstanding product that will provide a sustainable very high Coefficient of Friction / Pendulum Class V slip resistance, it is a non dangerous goods product and cures quickly.

To ensure that the new anti-slip surface would provide a long term and problem free solution, the existing surfaces had to be grinded, and all surrounding areas had to be masked properly. The Anti-Slip Anywhere (North America) team took on the challenge and thoroughly prepared the surface before the application of the new solution.

The main constraint of the project was a very limited time window working in a very busy area and keeping it operational. Carrying out the work during the Canadian winter months made the situation even more challenging due to the -1 to -18 Celsius temperatures. The work also had to be completed in two sections, right before the very busy Christmas period.

Anti-Slip Anywhere (North America) has an experienced team of installers who have completed the entire project just in time for the Christmas holidays, to the complete satisfaction of management.

Several people positively commented not only on the workmanship of the team but the professionalism, set-up and attention to detail and final clean-up. There was also a satisfaction expressed both with the greatly improved slip resistance of the rejuvenated surfaces as well as the improvement in aesthetic appearance.

Anti-Slip Anywhere (Australia) is offering a unique, sustainable and mainly environmentally friendly remedial and disability solution range for virtually any surface and situation. The solutions provided by the company are also being used at thousands of situations throughout various parts of the world via the Global Safety Surfaces Network© members.

For further information about how Anti-Slip Anywhere (Australia) can assist you with floor and other surface safety solutions you can contact Global Safe Technologies Australia, trading as Anti-Slip Anywhere, on 1300 668 620 or +612 9609 4685 from other countries or visit Global Safe's website or

In other parts of the world regarding sustainable remedial treatments please contact our Global Safety Surfaces network© members:

In North America, please visit our Global Safety Surfaces network© partner’s website or contact Anti-Slip Anywhere (North America) at (604) 582-SAFE (7233), or North America wide Toll Free at 1 (855) 582-7233.

In Spain please contact Global Systems on 937 802 493.

In Singapore and other Asian countries please visit our Global Safety Surfaces network© partner’s website or contact Supa Safe Pte Ltd on +65 9001 4512.

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