Vacuum toilets selected for 6-star Legion House refurbishment

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4 September 2012
A render of Grocon's Legion House refurbishment.

Vacuum toilets have been selected for a major refurbisment of the historic Legion House building in Sydney's Castlereagh Street.

"Jets Vacuum toilets from Vacuum Toilets Australia have been selected by the builder, Grocon, because the system can be installed with a minimum amount of impact to the historic structure by using 50mm piping without gravity fall," says Vacuum Toilets Australia managing director John Neskluda. "As the building is going for the highest Green Star rating of 6 stars, following on from the award winning Pixel building in Melbourne, we're very proud that Jets Vacuum from VTA has been selected. There will be installation benefits, and the 90% water savings associated with Jets Vacuum toilets will assist the project in achieving the desired Green Star rating. Grocon and Umow Lai continue leading the market by implementing this technology. Australia can only benefit from what these two trailblazing companies are achieving.

"Because of this acceptance by the market, Vacuum Toilets Australia is confident enough to enter into a major expansion program across Australia. The company is based in Perth and will shortly take up new residence with major warehousing and office facilities as well as satellite offices and warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne.

"The market has eagerly adopted this technology prior to the completion of the Australian Technical Standard and the Australian Standard, which the industry has been working on for the last 22 months. This initiative will eventually see the system achieve WaterMark. It is gratifying to see companies like Grocon and Umow Lai lead the way in the sustainability arena, which in turn moves the process of certification of these new and innovative technologies ahead. Today we are at the point where the market has accepted vacuum toilet technology, and new and exciting projects are on the horizon. It's a win-win situation, where Australia gets to use the world's best technologies."

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