USG Boral Sheetrock saves time on site at 480 Queen Street

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12 October 2015
USG Boral Sheetrock Plasterboard saves time on site at 480 Queen Street.

USG Boral’s newest engineered lightweight plasterboard, Sheetrock® has increased productivity on site during the construction of 480 Queen Street in Brisbane. It is 15 per cent lighter than USG Boral standard 13mm plasterboard, allowing for faster delivery, distribution and installation of materials.

“As head contractor, Grocon considers a number of factors when specifying materials for use on site, including safety, cost, time, speed of installation, availability of product, ease of handling and transporting materials, and environmental benefits,” said Cameron Starkey, Assistant Project Manager at Grocon.
“As a lighter alternative to regular plasterboard, USG Boral’s Sheetrock® increases productivity on site, enabling delivery of the product to various locations within the building. The use of Sheetrock® also reduces installation time and time spent distributing material loads,” added Starkey.

Approximately 30,000 m² of Sheetrock is being supplied for use in plasterboard margin areas and around the lift cores on all 34 floors of the iconic Brisbane building. Plasterboard contractor, North Australian Contracting (NAC) works closely with Grocon to optimise the specifications provided for the project.

“Our boys like working with USG Boral Sheetrock. Fifteen per cent lighter doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a big difference when they are working overhead to install ceilings, as they are on this project. The board doesn’t flex as much when it’s carried overhead and generally, it is more stable than regular 13 mm plasterboard,” said Danny Simpson, managing director of NAC.
“We find Sheetrock to be more rigid than regular plasterboard and we have fewer breakages, which increases productivity. It is also easier to score and snap than 13 mm board, which means less dust and mess to clean up after cutting, making installation cleaner,” added Simpson.

Timing has been critical for this project, as the site is on a busy central Brisbane road. USG Boral works closely with NAC and Grocon to ensure supplies are delivered to site in a timely manner.

“Deliveries of Sheetrock are tightly scheduled. NAC has to book crane time and manage the distribution of materials directly up to and across the relevant floors in accordance with project timelines.
“USG Boral is great to deal with; the team is reliable and responsive which helps us deliver on our contractual obligations. USG Boral’s multi-national presence also gives us comfort, knowing they will stand by the product, honour warranties, attend on-site inspections and provide quality post-sales support,” said Simpson.

USG Boral Sheetrock Brand Plasterboard has been fundamentally reengineered to feature Sag-Defying Strength™, for improved sag resistance and strength-to-weight ratio. Ideal for ceilings, Sag-Defying Strength also helps to reduce the chance of damage during handling and installation. It has a consistent core that’s easy to score and snap, which can translate to less waste and potential material cost savings.

USG Boral products are manufactured from a combination of natural gypsum, and paper liner made from 100% reclaimed and recycled paper waste. Plasterboard waste can be reclaimed and recycled into new plasterboard, or reused as soil conditioner.

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