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29 March 2016

Uni-Pier Australia Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Wordwide Timber Traders Pty Ltd as the distributor for Uni-Pier and Uni-Brace products to the Western Australia market.

Mr. Carlo Santostefano, WWTT’s Managing Director said:-

“In recent times we have seen a growth in the demand for elevated flooring in WA home construction. Uni-Piers and Uni-Brace are the ideal products to complement our existing bearer and joist products and we are pleased to become the distributor of these products for Western Australia.”

Worldwide Timber Traders was founded in 1966 having evolved from a green hardwood sawmiller supplying a range wholesale timber products. In 1977 the company relocated to its current 10-acre site at Bibra Lake.

Uni-Pier Australia was founded more than twenty years ago as a manufacturer and supplier of adjustable steel stumps for elevated floors primarily in residential construction. Until recently, the supply of Uni-Piers to WA meant lead time delays due to the distance in transport. Worldwide Timbers carry a good range of the most popular stock items, in Uni-Pier’s Heavy Grade (75x75 posts), meaning that most orders can be supplied almost immediately.

The full range of Uni-Brace is also in stock.

The Uni-Brace product was launched four years ago. This bracing product is fully certified, easy to install, requires no cutting and can be used for the bracing of timber or steel posts.

Uni-Pier Australia Pty Ltd

Uni-Pier Australia manufactures supports for bearer and joist flooring systems, replacing brick piers, stumps and steel posts.

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