Tweaked to perfection; introducing the D900 Curve v1.5

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28 November 2012

Australian LED lighting designers Brightgreen have improved the energy efficiency, brightness and light quality of their award-winning flagship downlight with the launch of the D900 Curve version 1.5.

This enhanced product builds on the innovations of the award-winning original, pushing light output from 903 to 950 lumens on a reduced operating power of 15.5 watts. This increased energy efficiency in turn lifts the D900 Curve’s efficacy from 56 to 61 lumens per watts as well.

Light quality has also been enhanced in the D900 Curve V1.5 from 90 to 95 CRI – extremely close to sunlight’s perfect score of 100 – to bring out the best in interiors. Furnishings will look more vibrant, on even less power.

The D900 Curve V1.5 still retains the signature qualities of its predecessor, with a long lifetime of 70,000 hours protected by in-built thermal monitoring. Like all of Brightgreen’s products, the D900 Curve V1.5 is Australian-designed to tackle our hot Aussie climates.


Brightgreen supplies energy-efficient LED lighting including direct lighting, indirect lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and projection lighting.

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