Tribe Social Fitness installs SwingGates

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17 January 2012
Tribe Social Fitness installs SwingGates
SwingGates at Tribe Social Fitness.

2 lanes of Centurion SwingGate from Centaman Entrance Control has been installed Tribe Social Fitness as part of their membership access control system.

Tribe Social Fitness is a new concept in Gyms opening in Taren Point NSW

Part of the requirement for Tribe was for the membership system to provide automatic access control so only valid members gained access but the system needs to present the open, friendly side of Tribe. The membership system has been integrated with a Centurion SwingGate which provides the barrier to entry. When a member scans their card at reception it’s checked to see if it’s a valid member and the right time. If so the Centurion SwingGate quickly opens to provide easy access. A second lane is used as a dedicated exit lane which has a built in sensor so as people walk up to leave the gym it detects them and then opens the gate automatically for them.

The Centurion SwingGate uses motorised glass barriers that open away from the user. The bi-directional glass barriers open after a valid signal has been received to allow the authorised user to pass. The barriers are designed to close quickly behind the authorised person to deter unauthorised entrants. The combination of stainless steel and toughed safety glass provides for a very attractive and effective access control solution that compliments the design concept of the reception area of the gym.

‘The fast acting motor on the SwingGate means that authorised users have an easy hands free method of entry which is great for members coming in when they are carrying gym bags and other items whilst the speed of the barrier closing easily dissuades unauthorised people from following them in.’

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