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11 October 2012

This new development incorporated one large Everbright E610 translucent walkway. The walkway consisted of two different free spans of 5 mtr & 3 mtr, and the panels were set at a 5 degree pitch.

These panels were supplied in complete lengths of 5 mtr & 3 mtr lengths and in 600 mm wide configurations. Total project was size 94 sqm. Installation time for this project was one day and there were three tradesmen available on site to do the associated works.

The design brief for this development was for a modern looking translucent product, that could minimize structural requirements and have a long life span. The client's specifications were for a product that was self cleaning, impact resistance, had superior thermal and acoustic performance characteristics. Another key factor was for a product that was rapid to construct.

The Everbright E610's increased free span capabilities made our polycarbonate system an excellent choice for this project, as it is one of the strongest translucent materials available in the world today. For developments of this nature, the Everbright additional benefit is that in the unlikely event of students climbing on the roof or even falling from a substantial height, our polycarbonate system will not break or the joints separate.

Our premier product enhanced this development with its clean modern look and provides a comfortable environment for all the staff and pupils at the school. Our 74 mm polycarbonate system gives a unique visual appearance and modern uniformed look making use of all the natural light available.

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