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19 May 2015
Raven's door sealing work at Townsville Hospital.

Raven produce Australia’s most comprehensive and innovative range of door and window seals and is one of the most trusted brands in the building hardware industry. The company's leading range is backed by unequalled industry knowledge and certified testing – which is why Raven was the supplier of choice for the Townsville Hospital project.

Raven supplied a variety of door bottom seals, perimeter seals and threshold plates for the Townsville Hospital project, providing complete door sealing systems that were designed to meet sealing requirements. Raven seals were required to perform across multiple levels from the exclusion of fire, smoke and weather through to acoustic attenuation and the containment of energy.

“Most projects, but particularly those in the healthcare industry like the Townsville Hospital require every component to meet strict regulations and standards. They also require certified testing to back this up. Raven’s leading range of tested and certified sealing systems is why we see our products chosen time and time again,” said national account manager, Luke Read.

Luke explained that with projects such as the Townsville Hospital, certification of products and their performance is a critical requirement to ensure compliance of the project, not just for now but into the future. Raven’s extensive ranges of NCC compliant sealing systems are backed by NATA accredited test certificates. Raven is also independently certified to international quality standards ISO9001 ensuring you get the best products, at the best price, backed by the best service every time.

In addition to strict testing and certification requirements, the Townsville Hospital project also required Raven seals to be easy to install, made to withstand heavy duty use, require minimal maintenance and to meet the aesthetic requirements of the architect. As an Australian family owned and operated business, Raven was able to deliver on all points as well as provide vital technical support to the architects and builders including certifying authorities as required on completion of the project.

One of the biggest challenges for Raven on the Townsville Hospital project was accommodating the Bariatric Hoist System which ran throughout the hospital. The rail system was installed on the ceiling passingthrough doorways, meaning Raven needed to deliver a sealing system to accommodate the hoist, whilst ensuring a compliant and high performing solution. Raven’s extensive range coupled with its unequalled industry knowledge and expertise meant a sealing system was quickly designed in conjunction with the architect and builder to meet this requirement.

“Another challenge of this project was working against strict and often tight deadlines. Our streamlined distribution systems and legendary near perfect picking rate meant our products were onsite and on time as needed. The design of our products also meant that installation was highly efficient, with many products easily adjustable to ensure the perfect fit and optimum seal every time,” said Luke.

Similar recent projects where Raven have also been the brand of choice include the Gold Coast Hospital, the Royal North Shore Hospital and Flinders Private Hospital to name just a few.

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