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21 June 2013

Today, the world’s economy depends so strongly on growth, change and technology to sustain its onward march. Too often this need for economic stimulus overrides any concerns for the ecological survival of our Earth.

At MAXI Plywood we strive to work towards business success while utilising product that is the most ancient of ecologically sustainable building material – wood!

MAXI Plywood is the premier Australian importer and supplier of Russian Birch plywood and a variety of high quality ply products including Russian Birch film face ply.

Russian Birch grown in the far northern regions provides exceptional quality and durability due to the Birch tree’s narrow annual rings caused by the slow growth of the tree in the severe climatic conditions.

Add this durability to the latest development in the field of resins, and the inclusion of Russian Birch plywood panels increases the ecological benefits to any building, construction or design requirement.

MAXI Plywood recommends the use of Russian Birch plywood and film face plywood for the following applications-

  • Construction industry
  • Formwork
  • Motor industry – Truck/Van flooring/walls
  • Interior and exterior design
  • Advertising boards & barriers
  • Children’s play equipment
  • Building
  • Packing

If you require an ecologically sound wood product that has excellent durability, water resistance and is available in both film-faced and Premium face grades, then look no further than the quality Russian Birch plywood at MAXI Plywood.

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