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12 September 2013

Having finished construction on their new offices, North Freemantle-based Slavin Architects settled comfortably into their THERMOMASS insulated headquarters.

Known throughout Australia as a firm with a close focus on sustainable outcomes, Slavin Architects are constantly looking to test new ideas and products to ensure they achieve the best possible research and evidence-based outcomes for their clients. So, it’s no surprise that when Slavin Architects looked into building an office space for themselves, they turned to THERMOMASS to insulate their tilt-up precast walls. Knowing full well the benefits of the THERMOMASS system – significantly reduced diurnal swings, low energy costs, and a reduction in overall build time, to name a few – it’s clear to see why Slavin wanted to make their Mecca of design and creativity as comfortable as possible.

Here is what Slavin Director, Murray Slavin has to say about their new office space:

'We're very pleased with the end result from an aesthetic point of view. Its simple lines are quite timeless. Combined with low-energy systems, this is arguably the ultimate test of sustainability in architecture.

The office has maintained a very even temperature, which was in sharp contrast to our previous locations which were more traditional in construction. The THERMOMASS insulated, precast concrete façade to the east and west boundaries have provided us with the opportunity to maintain a fire-resistant façade. Furthermore, we have planted against the walls which will eventually result in them being 'greened', further enhancing the already high energy ratings.

We will continue to monitor the energy use of the building to evaluate the combination of the THERMOMASS walling system combined with the Climate wizard mechanical ventilation and low energy LED lighting.'

If you're interested in learning how THERMOMASS can help your latest commercial or residential project achieve a thermally stable environment with significantly reduced running costs, click the link below to visit our website and learn more.

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