THERMOMASS selected for Ararat Correctional Facility

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26 October 2011
THERMOMASS selected for Ararat Correctional Facility

THERMOMASS is currently being installed in the concrete panels for the Ararat Prison in central west Victoria. THERMOMASS has had significant success in this sector as a highly efficient insulation barrier that also shortens the building program. THERMOMASS is now the leading building system for new prisons in Australia built in the last 5 years.

Concrete is practically indestructible and as discussed in another article, constant temperatures are a major factor in regulating inmate behaviour. The high amount of the thermal mass and superior information in a THERMOMASS structure make for very energy efficient heating and cooling by storing heat energy in the walls and floors. This energy moves in and out of the wall as the ambient temperature fluctuates, passively regulating the temperature on the inside.

Concrete is the only viable choice when it comes to prison construction. THERMOMASS makes concrete a desirable option in almost any circumstances.

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