Thermomass for the growing aged care industry

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2 September 2014
Effect of thermal mass on internal temperature over diurnal swings.

The aged care industry is set to continue to expand to accommodate Australia’s ever increasing ageing population. Composite Global Solutions Thermomass product for aged care projects can help deliver sustainable, future-proofed developments.

The energy efficiency of concrete sandwich panels insulated with rigid XPS insulation, such as CGS's Thermomass board, is unparalleled from a cost/comfort perspective in the finished project. By insulating from the outside in, the greater thermal mass on the interior is able to regulate and minimize diurnal swings (see image) meaning less energy is required to maintain a comfortable temperature. For the aged care operator it can mean energy savings and associated costs of between 30 to 50%.

Thermomass precast concrete sandwich panels are quick to erect, leading to around 30% reductions in construction times, making it a good choice for large scale residential projects. The ease and speed of construction is particularly important in an industry growing at an annualized rate of 6.4% (IBISWorld, 2013), where supply is struggling to keep up with demand.  

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Composite Global Solutions supplies a range of insulation products including the THERMOMASS concrete sandwich panel and rigid foam board systems.

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