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27 November 2012

Thermomass insulated concrete panels can be used in a variety of applications, they combine the cost efficiency and quick construction time of conventional panels with the additional benefit of insulating the panel as it is poured.

A Thermomass panel costs no more to construct and install than a traditional grey flat panel, and has almost identical properties for engineering and erection.

The unique construction of concrete sandwich panels enables the building to utilise it’s thermal mass to passively regulate the temperature inside the building, cutting heating and cooling costs more than the average insulated material can.

Thermomass insulated concrete panels are a reliable way to build long-lasting, energy efficient, low maintenance buildings that not only satisfy Section J of the BCA, they will continue to return value to owners and occupiers well into the future.

Composite Global Solutions

Composite Global Solutions supplies a range of insulation products including the THERMOMASS concrete sandwich panel and rigid foam board systems.

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