The world's largest green wall

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7 April 2013

The Elmich green wall system, available via KHD, has recently been installed in the Institute of Technical Education in Singapore and is currently the largest green wall in the world.

The project, standing at 35 m tall and totalling 5,300 m2, is a showcase of how far green wall systems have come in recent time.

The Elmich green wall modules were installed using UV-stabilised plastic green wall modules and stainless steel support brackets and pilasters.

VersiDrain 25P® drainage and water retention trays were placed directly over the waterproofing and overlaid with a geotextile and a lightweight engineered growing media. Pearl Grass was selected for its heat tolerance and low maintenance and an automated pop-up irrigation system was installed to ensure abundant growth, maximising the benefits of this green roof.

The project is in-line with the ITE’s eco-initiative to create an environment conducive to learning. The green wall is topped off with 2400 m2 of extensive green roof using the Elmich system.

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