The stone revolution

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16 July 2012
The stone revolution
Volcanic Limestone in its natural form.

Are you looking for a bath with the “wow factor”?

Look no further than Victoria + Albert. With a worldwide reputation for luxurious, Volcanic Limestone Baths, Victoria + Albert are now a global brand with presence in every continent. One of the big advantages of a Victoria + Albert Bath compared to full stone baths is the fact that they are very light weight (Approximately 70 – 80kg).

Additional floor re-enforcing is usually not required when installing, as the baths are constructed of volcanic limestone and a high performance resin. Being 100% Quarrycast, you can be assured you have the highest quality material in bathing technology. Quite a few of the Victoria + Albert baths are now available with matching basins. All Victoria + Albert products come with a 25 year guarantee. Luxury should not be compromised!

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