The Shearer – a beautiful exception

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13 January 2014
The Shearer – a beautiful exception
The Shearer by LifeSpaceJourney.

Oblica have often said that they wouldn't sell furniture.

Freestanding, contemporary fireplaces and fireplace accessories. These are the things they are good at.

Every now and then, however, there must be an exception that, as they say, proves the rule.

The exception to Oblica's "no furniture" rule is the beautiful Shearer sofa from Oblica mainstay LifeSpaceJourney. This sofa is so beautiful, so elegant, so rustic and so comfortable that it just begs to be sat in front of a fireplace. And that’s where Oblica come in. So maybe they broke their own rule, but this is a match for which rules can be broken. 

Check out the sofa in more detail at LifeSpaceJourney or go in and have a seat at Oblica's showroom in Fitzroy.


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