The pier at Heiligendamm Baltic resort, Germany

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30 September 2015
The pier at Heiligendamm Baltic resort, Germany.

The unique atmosphere of the pier jutting 200 metres into the Baltic Sea in the German resort town of Heiligendamm invites all to stroll along it and stay for a while. Even as twilight fades and dusk sets in, the pier with its scenic lighting continues to draw people. The pier's inviting atmosphere is the result of a finely tuned lighting concept realised entirely with WE-EF luminaires.

The immediate proximity of the saltwater sea posed the greatest technical challenge in this project, as did the design and static specifications. WE-EF's answer to severe weather and the aggressive marine climate is its 5CE superior corrosion protection system. In this system, material selection and processing as well as multi-layer coatings ensure reliable protection and a long service life for the luminaires and masts. WE-EF undertook customised modifications of its standard products to meet the special on-site requirements of the pier.

The light distribution of the LTM440 LED luminaire columns required customisation. While the production design for the series provides symmetric light distribution, a linear lens is used to focus the light on the pier and prevent unnecessary stray light from reflecting off the surface of the water.

WE-EF engineers were able to meet the demanding requirements of the project by reconfiguring the normally vertically-mounted luminaire to allow it to be horizontally mounted. They worked closely with the project designer to develop a special mounting solution and adapt the luminaire posts.

The Heiligendamm pier project once again demonstrates WE-EF's ability to adapt existing products to unique and specialised solutions.

The Heiligendamm pier and illumination looks exceptional and its lighting is extremely efficient. Retrofitting with LED technology was financially supported by the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state funding body. The aim of this part of the project was to achieve an energy saving of 60 percent compared with the previous lighting solution.


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