The perfect match for Cairns Esplanade, Queensland

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9 May 2017
The perfect match for Cairns Esplanade, Queensland
The installation of new luminaires at Fogarty Park has increased overall visual appeal for the site while improving energy efficiency.

A lighting upgrade at the popular park Fogarty Park in Cairns has dramatically improved the quality of light, aesthetic appeal and energy consumption of the space.

Located at the southern precinct of the Cairns Esplanade between the Pier Marketplace and Pacific Hotel, the park now boasts the WE-EF CFT540 LED street and area luminaire. It comes after several years of collaboration between WE-EF sales partner in Queensland, Raylinc Lighting, and the Cairns Regional Council.

Fogarty Park was part of the original Cairns Esplanade Development project completed in March 2003. The park features an outdoor entertainment area and performance space. A pedestrian footpath was originally constructed around the perimeter and also provides a pedestrian link to the Reef Fleet Terminal building.

The incumbent pathway lighting for the Cairns Esplanade and Fogarty Park precinct was approximately 13 years old and was lit by both 70 watt and 150 watt, 4,000 K metal-halide circular indirect post-top luminaires.

“As the Council was upgrading the space to make it look more appealing by using coloured inground lighting, we found they had existing metal halide post top luminaires for the park pathways which had to be maintained. So it was costing a bit of money,” said Raylinc’s Chris Tame.

“Our proposal to the Cairns Regional Council was based on a staged installation to upgrade the Fogarty Park zone by replacing all of the luminaires only, whilst utilizing the existing columns with the new WE-EF CFT540 series LED luminaire,” said Chris.

He explained that the roadway lighting running parallel to the esplanade uses 4,000 K white light, so his suggestion to the Council was to use 3,000 K warm-white light to provide a distinct visual contrast between the pathway and roadway.


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