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7 March 2014

The protective properties of linseed oil were discovered in the late 1800s. Since then, people have been using it as a protective coating for timber floors and furniture.

Since its invention, the recipe for beautiful natural floor coatings has progressed considerably. The longevity and quality of Whittle Waxes' products are a testimony to the state-of-the-art research and German manufacturing that Whittle Waxes uses, where non-toxic, eco-friendly finishes are based on the best vegetable oils (including linseed), natural resins, beeswax and least aggressive solvents available.

Whittle Waxes' natural finishes for timbers enhance the grain of the timber and at the same time in endow it with long lasting durability. As seen in Europe in century-old oiled floors that just get more beautiful with time.

Whittle Waxes have a range of oils and hardwax coatings that are ideal for commercial applications as they have dedicated maintenance regimes and are replenishable simply with a buffed maintenance coat.

This means the floor may never need an aggressive sanding again, which is particularly important in heritage buildings and areas of high foot traffic like the Mercy Centre.

In 2008, The Mercy Centre decided to conserve their heritage timber floors with Whittle Waxes' Hardwax oil. They have followed the proper indications for caring for a hardwaxed floor, which are really quite undemanding.

Mopping the timber floor with Whittle Waxes Floor Care - a highly concentrated soap combination consisting of natural plant oils without colourants and fragrances - cleans and maintains in one easy process.

Since 2008, a maintenance coat has been applied only twice. With no need to re-sand, Object Oil can be buffed on with only one coat and let dry overnight. The floor looks like new with no need to evacuate and close the premises for a complete sanding and re-coating.

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Whittle Waxes is among the first Australian companies dedicated to promoting premium natural oils and waxes for the protection and enhancement of all timber surfaces. We are committed to providing the best timber care and protection.

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