The latest in slimline automatic door bottom seals

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1 July 2014
The latest in slimline automatic door bottom seals
The latest in slimline automatic door bottom seals.

Want the same dependability of the original RP38 and RP70?

For thinner doors, specify the new Slim-line RP126si, RP127si and RP128si!

The NEW RP126Si, RP127Si and RP128Si slim line heavy duty seals are ideal for acoustic, energy, smoke and fire rated applications.

When fitted to butt hinged doors, the seals automatically lift clear of the floor or sill surface as the door is opened and automatically seal tight when the door closes.

These new automatic door bottom seals feature Raven’s patented, “pivot drive” mechanism. Other brands require the metal of the moving inner to be cut shorter by a few millimetres to compensate for sideways movement in relation to the fixed outer housing. This undesirable sideways motion or “end float,” does not allow for a consistent and complete seal across the full width of the doorway. To correct this problem, the moving metal inner needs to be cut shorter which creates a larger unsealed gap margin at each side of the door bottom.

Raven’s superior, pivot drive mechanism automatically compensates for end float and the need for excessive metal trimming. Raven’s pivot drive mechanism delivers a more even and firmer seal across the full width of the doorway ensuring the smallest operational gaps possible. Additionally, Raven’s new patented escutcheon plates incorporate a built in dampening feature which further improves operational acoustic performance.

Key features:

  • Quicker to install
  • Available in face mount, semi-morticed and fully morticed designs
  • Superior sealing with the smallest operational gaps possible
  • Late seal activation offers easier door latching
  • Faster lift action delivers superior operation over carpeted and uneven floor surfaces
  • Longer seal life
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