The indispensable A2 stool

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23 August 2016
The A2 stool is available in two standard heights with nine colour options.

The A2 stool is a durable and cost effective stool made from powder coated aluminium or ply with cross rails in aluminium or solid oak. The stool comes in two standard heights of 440mm and 650mm with nine IMO colour options. It can be used both indoors and out, stacked up to eight high and comes with a 5 year (outdoor) and 10 year (indoor) warranty. 

Available from IMO, designers and manufacturers of commercial and residential furniture.


IMO was established in 2003 by owner and director Sam Haughton. IMO has a broad product range of furniture including storage, soft seating, tables and work systems. The company also collaborates with architects and designers for custom solutions.

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