The double glazing myths

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21 November 2013
The double glazing myths
The double glazing myth.

The energy efficiency of a building is influenced by many different design aspects. Orientation, insulation, ventilation, shading, sealing and building size are all important, and all interact with each other. In the face of this complexity, double glazed windows are often touted as a key ingredient of energy efficient buildings. Double glazing salesmen weave stories about unbeatable thermal insulation and improved efficiency of heating and cooling systems with noise attenuation thrown in as an added bonus. In the face of relentless promotion of double glazed windows as the answer to all energy efficiency needs, it is little wonder that a number of myths have emerged.

Myth 1: Double Glazing is Required By The Building Code

The Building Code of Australia contains requirements to ensure a reasonable level of energy efficiency and a fair proportion of these requirements relate to windows. Importantly though, the requirements relate to the performance and usage of the windows, not to the type or design.

The Building Code may, therefore, require a specific window to meet or exceed specific performance levels, but does not dictate how that performance level must be achieved. There are a range of options available to window designers to change the performance of a window including window type, glazing thickness, glazing coatings, double glazing, framing materials and thermal breaks within the framing.

Myth 2: Double Glazing Gives Better Thermal Insulation Than Single Glazing

The energy efficiency characteristics of Australian window systems are modelled to international standards and are publicly available on the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) website WERS contains ratings of around 3,000 window systems and is the recognised source for energy efficiency characteristics of Australian window systems.

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