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27 July 2016
The Dog Room is a collaboration between Pen and Melbourne-based architect Michael Ong.

The Dog Room is a collaboration between Pen (Australian-based product design brand) and Melbourne-based architect Michael Ong (MODO, Michael Ong Design Office).

Michael Ong’s concept is inspired by the basic archetype of a house; complete with pitched roof, it’s a child’s typical line drawn representation of home. By exploring this childlike yet beautiful idea of a house, Michael Ong and Pen were able to create architecture for dogs that pursues simplicity and minimalism. 

The Dog Room comprises a custom aluminium frame and series of plywood panels, which is carefully detailed to create a distinctly clean appearance. A door at the front and two holes for ventilation at the rear complete the design, making it suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Waterproof-coated marine plywood is an unexpected material choice (especially since most kennels are made from plastic), but it’s one that embodies Pen’s Slow Movement philosophy and each panel can be easily replaced if damaged. The Dog Room is also designed with an OSB (Oriented Strand Board) option and is available in two sizes.

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