The Atlas swimming pool in the heart of Paris by HI-MACS

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13 February 2014
The Atlas swimming pool in the heart of Paris by HI-MACS

The use of HI-MACS, New Generation Solid Surface by LG Hausys, in this swimming pool in the heart of Paris’s 19th arrondissement has achieved a superb finish. The new project provides a further example of the versatility of this new generation of acrylic stone.

The Yoonseux architectural firm has transformed this school swimming pool by using HI-MACS® throughout the area. The conjunction of natural lighting and sources of artificial light provide a degree of unity to the project.

One architectural choice, based on the idea of a “single material”, was developed to create a world of harmony. HI-MACS stood out as the perfect material for this completely innovative reconstruction.

The choice of Solid Surface as the single material enabled the creation of an atmosphere exclusive to a school swimming pool, in terms not only of its visual, sensory and tactile dimensions, but also the immediate relationship between body and mind. As a vehicle for the tactile experience, the human body is completely immersed in its senses, thanks to the different properties of HI-MACS acrylic stone, with its wide range of shapes and colours.

In health and hygiene terms, Yoonseux’s architects selected HI-MACS because it fulfilled all of the requirements for a public space, not absorbing humidity and being highly stain resistant. Its smooth, non-porous surface prevents the penetration of any liquid. It is completely sterile and very easy to clean and repair.

The fact that it is as easy to handle and cut as wood made HI-MACS the perfect material for this project. Its malleability and flexibility enabled its use in all of its possible forms: assembled, glued, sanded and printed. The acrylic stone was used as a technical solution for the site’s initial requirements (contact with the material, humidity, being water-tight, etc.).

As for colours, the immaculate white of HI-MACS® Arctic White appears on the walls, flooring, ceiling, outer façades, partitions and furnishings.

Walls lined with HI-MACS, with ceiling of hanging pegs, provide the framework for the school swimming pool. The side walls, made of Solid Surface HI-MACS, were pierced so that sound would echo as little as possible. Within the pool area, the HI-MACS acrylic stone has a practical use, with bumps under swimmers’ feet in the shower area. These anti-slip forms prevent open spaces from becoming slippery. Fun yet educational signage is directly embedded in the HI-MACS walls.

A high level of attention to detail creates conditions for the materials, illumination and calming atmosphere to be perceived in the best possible light by the general public.

Project: ‘Bassin Ecole Atlas’
Architect: Yoonseux Architectes, France
Location: 19° Paris, France
Fabricator: ASKA Interior, France
Contracting authority: City of Paris
Material: HI-MACS Arctic White
Photo Credits: Alexandra Mocanu


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