The affordable lighting control solution

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1 July 2014
The affordable lighting control solution
mySmartSensors can be mounted directly to light fittings as seen at Screen Australia.

Networked lighting control systems are well established in the Australian market offering many premium features including scene setting, time scheduling, status reporting and more. Naturally these premium features often come with a premium price tag attached! Whilst these control systems can offer positive energy savings it is the premium price tag that has in some cases limited their viability for many buildings that could benefit from advanced automated lighting controls.

So, does this mean that if a networked lighting control system is outside the budget we should simply accept this and pass on the opportunity to save energy and money?

Well, thankfully, there is an alternative – high performance motion sensors or presence detectors as they are also known.

Modern motion sensors are an ideal addition to almost any building but especially to offices, schools, universities and anywhere where a responsive lighting control strategy can save energy. Sensors, such as those offered by mySmart, range from entry level with basic manual adjustments through to fully programmable units that will use inbuilt photocells for daylight harvesting and automatically dim DALI, DSI or analogue ballasts.

Ultimately mySmartSensors reduce the energy used for lighting by ensuring that lights are switched on only when occupancy is detected. The possible savings will vary depending on the use of the area but can be as high as 60% or more. Sensors can also control heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in the same manner for even further savings.

The cost savings of comparing a networked lighting control system to a “like for like” motion sensor installation are around 40% but are naturally dependent on the final project specifications. So the question has to be asked, “If you are looking for significant energy savings in your next project can you afford not to consider mySmartSensors?”

mySmart Sensors

mySmart Sensors control lighting automatically to save energy and make buildings more sustainable. Suitable for small to large projects a full range of motion sensors and accessories exist to control lighting in any environment.

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