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16 February 2011
Taking steps toward sustainability – Decorative Imaging

Decorative Imaging has taken steps toward becoming a more sustainable operation in recent months by joining the Green Building Council of Australia, and putting staff through the HIA’s Greensmart Professional course.

Already Decorative Imaging has worked hard to bring new, more sustainable finishes to the industry as alternatives to current products on the market. For example, DecoWood timber look aluminium reduces logging and greenhouse gas emissions, while Opalz MDF powder coating has zero formaldehyde emissions.

Now that Decorative Imaging is a member of the GBCA and employs Greensmart Professionals, we are connected to the core of sustainability information in the building and construction industry.

So far, the DecoTeam has taken to using natural gas for our clean-burning ovens, driving hybrid and low emission cars and recycling materials used in the manufacturing process such as films and packaging.

Visit the Decorative Imaging website for more information about the Decorative Imaging product range.

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