Tait introduces versatile all-rounders

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26 May 2015
Tait's versatile all-rounders can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Urban living today demands that we get more from smaller footprints in homes and apartments. Inherent to that is having furniture that can serve our changing needs and circumstances over time.

To make the most of space and budget it makes good sense to spend a little bit more on one quality table along with seating that can work virtually anywhere. The key is to select versatile all-rounders, furniture that can be interchanged between inside and out - whatever the weather or the mission. Susan and Gordon Tait, co-directors of Tait – who have been designing, making and retailing contemporary, quality furniture from their Melbourne HQ for more than 22 years – have experienced growing demand for versatile all-rounders.

"The versatile all-rounder is not locked in to any specific function or location – it takes the idea of multifunctional furniture to a whole new level," said Susan. "This blurring of lines between indoor and outdoor furniture is a logical flow on from the blurring of boundaries that has occurred with the now seamless flow between interior and exterior living spaces."

"We have had some customers purchase one particular table and bench setting for indoor use whereas other customers buy it for outdoor use."

Gordon Tait emphasises the importance of quality.

"It’s important to select furniture that’s authentic and considered in its design, made from durable materials, beautifully crafted and has appropriate finishes," Gordon said. “If you choose furniture well, it can hang out inside or outside, suit up or dress down for any purpose and last you a lifetime."


Specializing in the design and manufacture of outdoor furniture for the Australian environment for commercial and residential applications. Tait is dedicated to providing a complete solution for a life outside.

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