T8 tubes – how do they compare?

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11 October 2012
T8 tubes – how do they compare?

LED's are fast becoming the forefront of lighting. Though prices have been decreasing in the past years, the upfront cost seems to be the deterrent amongst many consumers. M-Elec T8 tubes are a prime example of purchasers choosing fluorescent instead of LED. M-Elec has gone above and beyond to ensure our T8 tubes are the best.

We've gone to the trouble of doing up some comparison tables that you can view here.

Though the fluorescent tubes seem to have better output and beam angle, M-Elec still has their advantages in this area. Fluorescent tubes produce a greater amount of lumens when first installed, however; as the lumen output drops overtime the tube will flicker which can become hazardous in offices and warehouses.

M-Elec’s T8 tubes include rotatable end caps reducing the need for 360o beam angles that unnecessarily shine light onto your ceiling showing all imperfections.

So next time you feel inclined to buy fluorescent tubing, take a look at M-Elec’s T8 tubes range and see the savings for yourself.

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