Sustainable, eco friendly flooring from Eco Flooring Systems

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20 April 2010
Sustainable, eco friendly flooring from Eco Flooring Systems

Environmentally, bamboo proves itself as one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials available. Eco Flooring Systems is the bamboo specialist supplier of classic BT Bamboo and new generation Strand woven Bamboo flooring to the green market.

  • It is fast growing, sustainable and renewable. The bamboo is plantation grown – made from mature stems of bamboo cultivated on plantations with a 4-6 year growth cycle
  • Not from old grown forests – while hardwoods take decades to achieve maturity, bamboo grows back to its original size within a few months. Once cut hardwood are lifeless whereas after bamboo is cut, it is able to grow again and again.
  • Long term supply - continued development of sustainable harvesting areas are core principles of our suppliers
  • Non-toxic and waste free manufacturing process
  • Exceeds stringent environmental standards in terms of adhesive and coating standards and no VOC emissions
Eco Flooring Systems

Eco Flooring Systems is a wholesale supplier of the highest quality bamboo flooring suitable for domestic and commerial installations.

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