Supawood's new SupaExpance ceiling system from Extenzo

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22 February 2012
Supawood's new SupaExpance ceiling system from Extenzo

Supawood have announced the addition of SupaExpance taut ceiling system to their extensive range of architectural linings. SupaExpance is a high quality, practical, safe and surprisingly economical suspended ceiling solution for a wide range of applications.

SupaExpance meets every application from standard renovations, the creation of a luxury showroom filled with light to the installation of a thermo-dynamic air-conditioning ceiling including ventilation, cooling and heating. SupaExpance also comes with acoustic options.

SupaExpance provides a seamless clean ceiling with a perfect finish including outstanding high-gloss finishes. As an alternative to traditional suspended ceilings, SupaExpance is maintenance free, moisture resistant and can be installed quickly and easily with little disruption and then removed again just as efficiently.

The real beauty of SupaExpance is its flexibility to create stunning interior design outcomes incorporating backlighting, custom printed features and just about any shape. With the choice of over a hundred options, colours and textures it is suitable for a wide variety of projects. From the simplest expression to the most complex design, whatever is required SupaExpance is the answer. SupaExpance is also ideal for use in semi-permanent projects such as tradeshows and exhibitions.

Supawood sources their product and knowhow exclusively from Extenzo, France, who have been the leading proponent of ceiling film technology for 34 years.

By adding SupaExance to their range, Supawood now have an extensive range of interior lining products to suit the requirements of any project demanding an inspirational interior. Supawood’s products complement each other perfectly when used together in the same interior and the addition of the SupaExpance ceiling system opens up many new options for designers.

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