Supatile Slat ceiling tiles solve ceiling accessibility

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1 April 2014
Supatile Slat ceiling tiles solve ceiling accessibility
Supatile Slat ceiling tiles in white and yellow complement the decor of a staff lounge area.

The project brief for the designers, Geyer, was to enhance Arrow Energy's key existing work culture of connecting people by creating an open, flexible and collaborative environment that was safe, sustainable and would reflect the company brand.

The new interactive work space required a clever ceiling lining solution that looks exceptional while providing trouble-free access to the ceiling cavities after construction. The product also needed to be available in numerous appearances and finishes for installation throughout differing space functions over multiple building levels.

The designers found that Supawood’s Supatile Slat's unique options of lift and shift and drop in tiles would give their client the fully accessible ceiling cavity they required.

The use of ceiling tiles would resolve the need to allow for multiple access panels as every area of the ceiling could easily be opened.

Supatile Slat also provided the designers with infinite flexible design options to achieve stunning directional slatted ceiling effects in an extensive choice of finishes including custom colours.

Throughout the fit-out individual work spaces and common areas have been demarcated by the clever use of various slat configurations in distinct finishes. In some areas the slats have been used as features while in others the entire ceiling has been covered. Finishes range from stained solid timber slats, Supafinish concept timber veneers and Supacolour solid custom colours.

The Arrow Energy fit-out is a wonderful example of how versatile Supawood’s Supatile Slat ceiling tiles can be in a large project requiring multiple aesthetic appeals. By sourcing the entire product system from one supplier, Supawood, the installation, consistency and quality of the products used was also assured.

This project had been shortlisted for several creative workplace design awards.

To find out more about Supatile Slat visit the product section of the Supawood website.

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