Supaslat Maxi solve problems for prestige high-rise fitout

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19 October 2011
Supaslat Maxi solve problems for prestige high-rise fitout

Supawood’s Supaslat Maxi decorative light weight beams have been used extensively for a corporate fit out in two levels of a five star Green Star A Grade office building in Brisbane’s CBD.

The fit out design brief called for large, heavy timber beam features but the site posed major problems. The designers were faced with solving the issue of a ceiling suspension framework not able to cope with the weight solid wooden beams would impose. Engineering of the ceiling structure to accommodate the weight of solid timber beams was unresolved at tender stage. A further obstacle to overcome was getting heavy materials to the site on levels 13 and 14 of an inner city high rise.

Supawood were able to solve all these issues with Supaslat Maxi timber beams while complying with the environmentally friendly requirements of the project.

Supaslat Maxi beams were the perfect solution in that although they are bulky like a solid timber beam they are extremely light and weigh less than 2kg a linear meter for a 200mm deep beam. Produced from 80% recycled cardboard adds to the product’s green credentials. The beams are also simple to butt-join on site to achieve longer lengths, are prefinished, will not warp or twist as is experienced with solid timber and are extremely durable and easy to clean. These benefits not only solved the problem with the ceiling weight capability but also solved the management of the logistics on the site plus proved to be very economical.

This innovative product has now been widely used by designers for its adaptability to difficult sites, ease of use and its economical benefits. Supaslat Maxi is available in a range of both timber and painted finishes giving the designer incredible scope to achieve the exact effect they are looking for.

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